Sheetal Kamat

When it came to making something quick and delicious for our home's ground breaking ceremony last year, I made these. What another way to revive the blog than to post this one :)

Keshar Malai Pedha
12 Oz Khawa
1.5 Cup Sugar
2.5 Cup Milk Powder
1/2 Cup Milk
Pinch of Cardamom Powder
Pinch of Saffron
2 Spoon Pistachios

  • Grate khawa and mix it with sugar, milk powder and cardamom powder.
  • Heat milk with saffron for 20 seconds in microwave.
  • In a thick pan add ghee and khawa mixture and cook on low heat with constant stirring.
  • Add in heated saffron milk after a minute or two.
  • Cook the mixture till its semi solid with constant stirring
  • Take it off the heat and let it cool for 5 minutes.
  • Slice the pistachios
  • Make small balls of the mixture and press each ball with pistachio slice on its top.

When making pedhas from the mixture, it should be warm. If its too cold, it might be difficult to make the smooth shape.
Stirring the khawa mixture continuously while cooking is important as the mixture is susceptible to sticking to the pan and burning.
Also I used anodized pan as it was easy to keep the mixture from sticking.

  1. Anonymous said...

    Hi Sheetal,
    Where were you? Missed your recipes for 2 years!! Good to see you back.

    Looking forward to more and more recipes from you!

    Keep experimenting ;) :)

  2. GST Training said...

    I really appreciate your professional approach. These are pieces of very useful information that will be of great use for me in future.

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